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Dr. John G. Turner Presents a book about pros and cons of online learning in higher education.

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Dr. John G. Turner is from Cleveland, Ohio but resides in Virginia. Dr. Turner has earned 7 degrees and has been an adjunct professor at Lord Fairfax Community College, and American Public University System, and other colleges/universities.

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The book walks readers through the benefits of online education while comparing it to the in-class experience. The book talks about the impacts of online learning on students before and after the covid-19 pandemic. It enlightens readers about the effects of online education in securing jobs for fresh talents. The book weighs the pros and cons of online education. It educates students to make a wise and better decision for their future.

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Each chapter’s detailed narrative compels readers to keep reading and assimilate the author’s well-written knowledge about the pros and cons of online learning in higher education.

The book serves as a complete walkthrough for students about the pros and cons of deciding to go to an online or in-person college for higher education in the post-covid world.

The book comes in two versions: digital and printed. The digital version of the book allows you to read on the go. The print version gives readers aesthetic pleasure and a unique sense of immersion while reading the book.

Maxie R. Broussard

Ryan Dominguez


The book has given me valuable information about pros and cons of online education and in-person. Amazing book!

Claudia T. Taylor

Ezra Miller

Athletic trainer

After reading this book I can definitely say that I have learned valuable lessons regarding online learning after covid-19

Maxie R. Broussard

Adam Smith

EEO officer

I appreciate the author in compiling this book. It contains amazing information for current and coming generation of students. I am 100% recommending this book to my sister.

Sarah J. Adams

Francesca Miller


I have been in education profession for a decade and this book certainly highlights pros and cons of online learning in an amazing flow.

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Advancement in communication and technology has resulted in various changes to the human lifestyle. It has made every aspect of life inhabit itself in a continuous process of modifications. For a human being to stay updated regarding the various prevailing trends and to stimulate his or her appropriate growth, it is a basic necessity to keep an ongoing educational process. As once a Greek philosopher rightly said:

“The only constant in life is change.”

Many inventions have changed the standards of living, but this fact cannot alter either denied that each person does not possess equal access to luxuries or resources. Variation in economic status and financial constraints define how people react and use strategies to achieve their desired outcomes.

Despite the advancements in technology, there are still places in the world who are deprived of basic opportunities. Lessons and training are an essential fragment of life, but what can happen when learners are not attaining appropriate and adequate learning material as per their requirements? In some scenarios, some countries face deliberate restrictions due to their cultural and societal values. Women are not allowed to pursue an education in an institute, and similarly, people with physical disabilities are also unable to avail themselves chances as any other healthy person. Another factor to consider is when one does not have sufficient money to build his or her dream career in a college and is unable to afford costly educational programs.

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